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Big Little Hood

The only Waldorf Inspired
Play Area in Delhi/NCR



Suviena & Ayushi

Early Childhood Education Experts, Waldorf Educators

Big Little Hood is an inspiration, a belief that there can be supportive, community spaces where parents and children can thrive together in their individual, parenting and family journeys.

We have opened our first experience centre in sector 135, Noida. The centre is designed as a fluid structure of a play area, a life studio (workshops space), a cafe lounge and a co-working space. We offer a variety of programs to support families in our community

Our Offerings


A waldorf inspired play space, designed to provide children with an environment that’s calming to their senses. When they find internal calm, their play can run leaps and bounds in imagination. We believe a toy is good, when it’s 10% the toy and 90% the child's imagination who chooses to include it, in his or her play.


A space for working parents to work & meet with other parents while their little children play in the vicinity.

A space designed to bring calm and focus to your work. Currently suitable for 6 people to work and exchange ideas.



Our cafe offers a relaxing space with an invitation to indulge in arts.

We intend to grow this space organically, and currently serve, a small menu, cooked and served with love.



All that we feel cannot be shared in a group. Some of our fears, joys, feelings, inhibitions as parents are best shared in intimate, close settings with a confidante.


Parent nurturing 1:1 provides such a space. At the outset, we provide a safe listening space, and the conversation can then lead us to the next steps - healing, awareness around self or child development or some ideas for the situation. 


As Waldorf teachers, we have the experience of being a friend and guide to 50+ parents in the last 6 years.

Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist as you grow up’


‘ Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’


These two statements by Pablo Picasso, sums up our approach to art workshops for both children and adults.


Designed to horne, enhance, encourage their creativity, our art facilitators ensure that  every child feels like an artist. They create a non- judgemental space free of competition and performance pressure for the children to express freely.


The Love we receive

Nini M.

Reintroducing adults and children to the pleasure of being in the present moment, being with others and playing with just the right amount available - that does not distract them but truly engages them.

Neeti B.

Just being at BLH is like the parenting vitamin dose that I’d like to get from time to time 😊 as for my 8 year son it’s totally calming and nourishing ✨This Waldorf inspired space encourages kids to indulge in free play which in today’s time is so underrated !

Nidhi B.

My daughter has an amazing experience participating in the theatre workshops at BLH. The warm and inviting ambiance truly sets the stage for an enjoyable time. It's evident that children can engage in their creativity and spend quality time exploring their imagination in this wonderful environment.

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