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Big Little Hood

Big Little Hood is an inspiration, a belief that there can be supportive community spaces where parents and children can thrive together in their individual, parenting and family journeys.

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Suviena Bagrodia

I have always believed that we live a life and not a career! So, I have never hesitated to use my privilege of a comfortable home, with a sackful of gratitude, to live my career as a form of self expression.


My education at Yale had taught me to think in a multidisciplinary approach. My moves from banking, to tourism, to non- profits were all led by heart, followed by the rest of me. But through parenting and teaching in a Waldorf school, I found my whole self, my full being - head, heart and hands - happy and fulfilled.


Big Little Hood, is not a new enterprise for me, it’s my IKIGAI, my life’s expression. It will be an honour for me to be a companion and guide to young families.

Ayushi Chaturvedi


My superpower is holding spaces for humans ‘to be’. 

I see this translated as a reflective space (physical or virtual) for adults, and imaginative spaces for children to explore free creative movement, play, arts and learning. 
My classical dance training, helped me discover my passion of expression through the body and with time & age, I nurtured it to become a Dance Movement Therapy Practitioner. A diploma in the subject from TISS, Mumbai gave me the foundation for this work.
In the last 10 years, I have deepened my work with children as an educator in a Waldorf/Steiner school. This experience as a grade teacher connected my movement, feeling and cognitive work making the experience, a whole.

In 2023, I became a mother, where I have the opportunity to live all that I have learned over the years, understand the new me and see my young child grow in body & spirit. 

Big Little Hood is a space where I can bring all my gifts together and offer it to young families.

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Parenting is as much a ‘re-birth’ of the parent as the birth of the child. And to support these co-dependent entities, there needs to be both a physical and emotional support system, for parents and for their children. Only a fulfilled parent can give the nurturing that the child needs.


As a human race, we have moved towards individual consciousness as against the social consciousness of previous times. Each individual has a myriad of aspirations for themselves and in turn, their children. Parenting has become busier and lonelier. There is more information and less clarity, leading to fear and anxiety.


The clock does not go back and neither should it, but new ways of creating that support village is needed, to help families manoeuvre these days of early parenting. 


Most physical and emotional spaces talk about one or the other, the parent or the child. 

We have set out to create spaces for the full family system, particularly in the early years of parenting from conception to 7 years of age. Our experience as teachers in a Waldorf school has prepared us for the same.

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